Data Center Interconnect


The need:

The massive expansion of cloud computing services and exponential growth of bandwidth pose a challenge to single data center architectures. New generation virtual computing and storage dictate multi-data center architectures, where data centers are spread around cities and even across continents. Big Data is moving dynamically between the multi data centers attached to the mesh for optimal application performance. This requires a scaleable multi-Terabit redundant mesh of high-speed Metro and Long Haul links.


Our OEM Solution:

We believe that a customized Data Center Interconnect can be made cost-effective and scaleable while ensuring low power/bit. Utilising a 1RU stackable shelf with plug-in line cards Effdon can provide a pay-as-you-grow solution for all your multi-Terabit needs from Metro to Long Haul. Please contact us for further discussions.


Data center Evolution – from a Single to Multi Data Center Architecture. The Multi-Terabit Interconnect layer between Data Centers extends from Metro to Long Haul