In service 10G to 100G upgrade


The Need:

Transitioning from 10Gbps services which are common practice today to 40Gbps or 100Gbps services requires making dramatic changes in the network. To facilitate the new service all network elements need to be upgraded to the new service speeds and identical service ports need to be installed on all sides.

• Is it possible to maintain existing 10Gbps legacy nodes and ports and upgrade to the new service speeds gradually?

• Would it be possible for the new service ports to connect to the existing 10Gbps ports already installed?

• Would it be possible to start with 10Gbps and upgrade in service to 100Gbps without a truck role or service interruption?


The answer is YES.


Our Solution:

Effdon's 40Gbps and 100Gbps technology is fully compatible to 10Gbps legacy networks. Our solution can serve both as 100Gbps or 10x10Gbps. Not only that our 100G technology can work over the same 10Gbps network and 10Gbps nodes, it also allows the 100Gbps ports to connect directly to legacy 10Gbps ports over a single or multiple fibers. A single 100Gbps port can either be connected to another 100Gbps port for a point to point extended reach 100Gbps service, or be connected to 10 x 10Gbps XFP/SFP+ WDM ports, each can be located on another node and in another location.This capability enables a great flexibly in your network operation using a small variety of port types, expanding your network capabilities while reducing your operation costs.