New Generation LTE & 10GPON Backhaul


The Need:

End user bandwidth needs are growing exponentially to support new generation of cloud based services. New generation Access devices including 10G PON or LTE-A base-station require new backhaul solutions that can cope with the growing demand and economically backhaul speeds of 10-20Gbps of traffic from a single access site and flexibly and cost-effectively aggregate it to a remote Point of Presence (POP) or Central Office. Not only that the bandwidth needs are rising fast necessitating the speeds of 10Gbps at the lower levels of the network, operators are also looking to further reduce the cost of their network by eliminating the massive tier of short range POPs and directly service the access nodes from the regional POPs at distances of 40km – 80km. This will dramatically reduce the network operation costs at all levels (operation, man-power, real-estate, power).


• Can we extend the distance of the Access Nodes from a few Km to 40km and 80km in a manner that can work over existing fiber infrastructure?
• Can we access multiple of 10Gbps links directly from the Access Nodes and aggregate them at the 100Gbps level without the need for additional networking layer?
• Can we make this transition to the new generation network flexible, fast, simple and backward compatible? 

The answer is YES


Our Solution:

Effdon's Nx100Gbps aggregation and backhauling technology is fully compatible to 10Gbps access networks. Not only that our 100G technology can work over the existing Metro-Access fiber plant, over same 10Gbps network and 10Gbps nodes, it also allows the 100Gbps ports to connect directly to legacy or new generation devices over a single or multiple fibers and directly aggregate multiple 10Gbps access signals over a single fiber. A single Effdon 100Gbps port located on or next to an edge Router, Switch or D-ROF (Digital Radio Over Fiber) aggregation node can directly aggregate 10 x 10Gbps WDM signals originating from Access Nodes located at distances of 40-80km from the Regional POP or Central Office over as single 100G fiber interface or multiple of 10Gbps interfaces. Simply connect a 10G DWDM SFP+/XFP on your Access node (D-ROF or PON) and connect with a single fiber together with other nodes to a single 100Gport or multi-10G port at the central office located 40km to 80km away. The Effdon solution is an enabler to the new generation operator. This unique solution enables a high capacity, low cost and future proof network solution. Directly connecting the access nodes and base stations to the central office located 40-80km away over fiber will enable you to deliver a huge bandwidth capacity with a small team, and low number of central sites, dramatically reducing power consumption, real-estate costs and network complexity.