40G & 100G Reach Extension


The need:

Most high speed ports in a data center or enterprise typically support only short distances to allow for low cost and high density. These range from a few dozens of meters to a few kilometers. But extending the distances from the short reach interfaces to dozens of kilometers as required by a growing number of applications requires today the use of additional expensive transport devices which make the solution both expensive and complex to operate. Data centers and Enterprises look for solutions that can enable them to provide 40Gbps and100Gbps services over longer distances while maintaining a simple and low cost data network operation. Is this possible today, using existing nodes and existing technology?
The answer is YES


Our Solution:

To enable operators and enterprises to extend their service reach in a simple and cost-effective way Effdon offers two classes of highly compact and low-costs solutions: Pluggable module - A 40G or 100G CFP module for integration in an existing CFP slot in your existing Router or Switch device. This module enables to extend the reach of your existing 40G or 100G router port to 40km and 80km over an existing single pair of single mode fibers. Reach extension unit - In case you wish to maintain your existing short reach ports on your Router/Switch (e.g. QSFP, CXP, etc.) you can use our Reach Extension unit. This is a stand-alone 1U compact system that connects to your existing 40G or 100G short reach port via standard electrical or optical cables and allows extending the reach to 80km and higher distances over a single pair of single mode fiber. Both our reach extension solutions operate over the standard ITU DWDM frequencies and enable to work over dark fiber or connect to an existing DWDM Metro system.



We OFFER - A single pluggable unit saving 30 separate units, and separate expensive DWDM system. 100Gbps for 80km -200km over existing systems and at a fraction of the cost !